Times Square as viewed from the top of the RED STAIRS. The first thing you’ll notice when you’re in Times Square is the ubiquitous Billboards. In fact, Times Square is so bright due to the gazillion electronic billboards, it’s one of the few places on earth that astronauts can pinpoint from outer space!
When Disney met DC in Times Square!
Captain America after a hard day's work!

Lessons from “Captain America” :

Mr Street smart shutterbug — Rohat Türk, on one of the rare occasions where he did the posing instead of his subjects right in the middle of Times Square.

Lessons from Mr Street-smart Shutterbug, Rohat:

Simple, Striking, Powerful and Authentic.
Isias Guity’s display of authenticity, vulnerability and courage was nothing short of performance art in Time Square, New York.

Lessons from Isias “Hug” Guity :

As you can see, Times Square taught me a ton. Maybe because I was open to the lessons. What did you learn on your last travel/vacation/trip? What lessons were you open to? Would love to know…



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